Get Rooted in your Profession - Serve on the Western Chapter Board

We need good people from across the chapter to continue the tradition of dedication and commitment set by current and previous officers and Board members. Become involved by submitting a nomination now. The nominations must be received by the Executive Director Rose Epperson: repperson@wcisa.net by November 30, 2023. If you have any questions, please contact our Past President Daniel Goyette: the.daniel.j.goyette@gmail.com.  Nominations received after November 30, 2023, may not be considered.

Open Positions

  • Director - Term Begins July 1, 2024
  • Vice President - Term Begins July 1, 2024
  • Chapter Representative to the ISA Council of Representative - Term Begins July 1, 2024 

2024 WCISA Board Member Colleague Nomination Form - Click Here

2024 WCISA Board Member Self Nomination Form -Click Here

Strategic Plan 2021
Current Bylaws

In October 2021, the Western Chapter ISA approved the proposed Bylaws document as presented by the Bylaws Committee. The document was presented to and approved by the membership as part of the 2022/23 Election February 15, 2022.  The new Bylaws are effective as of 7/1/2022  - Approved 2022 Bylaws can be downloaded here

Policy and Procedures Manual

In order to standardize policies and procedures for WCISA activities, the 1996-97 WCISA Board developed a complete Policies and Procedures manual. In 2010, these policies and procedures were reviewed and revised.

A current copy of the WCISA Policies and Procedures Manual can be downloaded here

Expense Request

Can be downloaded here

Executive Committee Minutes

Meetings of the Executive Committee and/or Board of Directors shall follow the rules contained in the most current edition of "Robert's Rules of Order", and/or any additional or modified rules of order enacted by the Board, the WCISA or the ISA, at the discretion of the current Board. Following approval at the subsequent Executive Committee meeting, board minutes will be available for reference by the general membership. Downloaded copies are available below:

  1. Feb, 2023
  2. May, 2023 - unavailable
  3. Jul, 2023