Current Bylaws

A current copy of the WCISA Constitution and Bylaws can be downloaded here

Policy and Procedures Manual

In order to standardize policies and procedures for WCISA activities, the 1996-97 WCISA Board developed a complete Policies and Procedures manual. In 2010, these policies and procedures were reviewed and revised.

A current copy of the WCISA Policies and Procedures Manual can be downloaded here

Expense Request

Can be downloaded here

Executive Committee Minutes

Meetings of the Executive Committee and/or Board of Directors shall follow the rules contained in the most current edition of "Robert's Rules of Order", and/or any additional or modified rules of order enacted by the Board, the WCISA or the ISA, at the discretion of the current Board. Following approval at the subsequent Executive Committee meeting, board minutes will be available for reference by the general membership. Downloaded copies are available below: