Western Chapter ISA Awards

Congratulations to our 2023 Award Recipients

2023 was another remarkable year in the Western Chapter. We had amazing nominations, here are our final recipients. Congratulations to all recipients!   Thanks to all who joined us for our awards celebration on April 30, 2024.

Award of Merit:

The highest award category of the Western Chapter. This award shall be bestowed upon an individual Active Member to recognize outstanding, meritorious service in advancing the principles, ideals and practices of progressive arboriculture.

Linda Chalker-Scott, PhD.

Honorary Chapter Life Membership:

This award of membership shall be bestowed upon an individual, long-standing Active Member (ten or more years) who has provided substantial, long-term contribution to the advancement of the Purpose and substance of the WCISA.

Igor Lacan, PhD.

Award of Arboricultural Research:

This award shall be bestowed upon not more than two individuals (same or separate projects) to recognize outstanding contribution to research that has contributed substantially to the sum knowledge of arboriculture that has had significant and relevant impact to the Western Chapter ISA. Research projects considered in evaluating nominees for this award shall have been published within the preceding five years to be nominated.

Camille Pawlak

Award of Achievement:

This award shall be bestowed upon not more than two Active Members in recognition of sustained, outstanding and substantial effort or contribution to the advancement of the Purpose and substance of the WCISA.

John Crandell
Kurt Peacock

Award of Commendation:

This award shall be bestowed upon not more than two individuals, organizations, firms or other entities in recognition of an outstanding effort in promoting the Purpose of the WCISA.

Nick Araya & Karina Nordbak
Frank Saldana

R. W. Harris Award for Excellence in Education:

This award is bestowed on an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to the education of Western Chapter members.

Lisa Smith

Young Professional Award: 

This award is given to one and not more than two individuals who have been an ISA credential holder for less than ten years. This award recognizes outstanding efforts that advance the principles of the WCISA.

Magen Shaw
Joey Lynn Watt

President's Award:

This award shall be presented at the sole discretion and determination of the current President. The award shall be bestowed upon that individual that has demonstrated the most substantial contribution of commitment, support, and assistance to the President in his/her effort to fulfill his/her goals and obligations during his/her term of office.

Mike Palat & Vince Mikulanis

Executive Director's Award:

Nancy Hughes

ISA Gold Leaf Award:

Traditionally the Gold Leaf Award has been used to acknowledge outstanding Arbor Day efforts as well as a way to acknowledge outstanding landscape beautification efforts not associated with Arbor Day.

Outstanding Arbor Day Activities:

City of Chandler, AZ
City of Encinitas, CA

City of San Diego, CA

Landscape Beautification:

City of Berkeley, CA