Certified Tree Worker Training and Aerial Rescue Training

@ Altadena Park
on Saturday, April 20, 2024
in Phoenix, AZ

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Certified Tree Worker Training and Aerial Rescue Training

 Description: Embark on an intensive journey to become a proficient and certified tree care professional with our specialized ISA Certified Tree Worker Training Course, featuring advanced instruction in; Work Climb, Knots, Throwline, and Aerial Rescue. Tailored for experienced tree climbers with at least 1.5 years of climbing experience, this immersive program focuses on refining and expanding your skill set in the field of arboriculture. Led by seasoned arborists and certified instructors, this course offers hands-on training and practical exercises to enhance your proficiency in tree climbing and rescue operations. Through interactive sessions and real-world simulations, participants will sharpen their techniques and master essential skills required for safe and efficient tree work. The Work Climb event is designed to hone your abilities in ascending, descending, and maneuvering within the canopy safely. With a focus on advanced climbing methods and equipment utilization, participants will enhance their climbing efficiency and confidence in navigating diverse tree structures. In the Knots event, participants will refine their knot-tying skills and learn advanced rigging configurations essential for tree climbing and rigging operations. From specialized hitches to complex rigging setups, students will gain the expertise needed to secure themselves and their equipment at height. The Throwline event provides advanced training in accurately deploying throwlines and setting climbing lines with precision. Through practical exercises and expert guidance, participants will learn advanced throwing techniques and line placement strategies to streamline their climbing setups and optimize efficiency. A key component of this course is the specialized training in Aerial Rescue, focusing on advanced techniques for safely and efficiently performing rescues in emergency situations. Participants will learn to assess rescue scenarios, implement effective rescue plans, and utilize specialized equipment for the prompt extraction of injured climbers from trees.

April 20th, 2024

7AM- 3PM

Altadena Park 3711 E Altadena Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85028

$295.00 each participant


Altadena Park
3711 E Altadena Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85028
Phoenix, AZ 85028