Stormwater: Past, Present, and Future

@ Veteran's Memorial
on Wednesday, December 5, 2018
in Davis, CA

Event Info:

Title:  Stormwater:  Past, Present, and Future

Date:  12/5/2018

Time:  8am-2pm

Location:  Veteran’s Memorial Center 203 E 14th St Davis, CA 95616



Registration:  FREE!

Presenters:  Erin Donley-Marineau, Rhys Rowland, Kevin Robert Perry, Dorothy Abeyta

Description:  Join us for a day-long interdisciplinary workshop about stormwater and urban forestry.  Come learn about the natural history of the Davis watershed, the City of Davis’s current stormwater program, current stormwater installation specifications and the challenges with incorporating trees, and the stormwater benefits of urban forestry with techniques to bring the two programs together in future projects.  RSVP with us to get a free lunch!

RSVP - City of Davis Urban Forestry Division 530-757-5633

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Veteran's Memorial
Center 203 E 14th St Davis, CA 95616
Davis, CA 95616