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Documenting Evidence with Dr. Julian Dunster - Benefiting The Britton Fund

Date and Time:

October 6, 2017 ~ 8:00 am - 3:30 pm

Conference Description:

Arborists routinely examine trees for health and risk. Perhaps it involves collecting data to report about appraisal of damage, trespass issues or forensic investigations about injuries caused by falling trees. Dr. Julian Dunster covers the professional practice of recognizing and understanding evidence, and learning how to effectively use it in reports. In every case, from the routine to the unusual, the arborist needs to clearly understand the practical and intellectual process of documenting what was seen on site. Regardless of  the assignment, the process needs to be systematic, thorough & evidence clearly documented.

Before the course, participants are encouraged to submit case studies to for class discussion. Samples selected by Dr. Dunster will be used as a group exercise to examine strengths and weaknesses and suggest ways in which we can all improve our practice.


7:30 am  Registration
8:00 am Module 1 - What is Evidence?
9:00 am Break
9:15 am Module 2 - Collecting Evidence
10:30 am Module 3 - Photographing Evidence
11:30 am Lunch (Provided)
12:15 am Module 4 - Analyzing Evidence
1:15 pm Break
1:30 pm Module 5 - Presenting Evidence
2:30 pm Module 6 - Case Studies and Class Discussion
3:30 pm CEU Sign Out
*Please allow up to 6 weeks for processing of CEUs

Early Registration (through 9/26):

$145.00 - WCISA Member
$185.00 - Non-WCISA Member

Regular Registration (on or after 9/27):

$170.00 - WCISA Member
$215.00 - Non-WCISA Member


$95.00 - Must be a WCISA Member

All registrations include a copy of Documenting Evidence: A Practical Guidance for Arborists


6.0 - CA / CTW / MS / US
6.0 - BCMA-M


Tresidder Memorial Union
459 Lagunita Dr. 
Palo Alto, CA 94305