Meeting Information

Following the Z's - Rules to Live by - Reno

Date and Time:

Tuesday, July 18, 2017 ~ 8:00 am - 3:45 pm

Conference Description:

Dr. John Ball leads us through an examination of how injuries and fatalities in the tree care industry happen, and how tree workers can protect themselves.

This workshop covers critical and life-saving information about topics vital to tree workers' safety -making ANSI Z133-2012 accessible; looking into common work situations that you should never take for granted; and sharing over 20 years of lessons about aerial work, aerial rescue and emergency response.

Dr. Ball is a Professor of Forestry and researcher at South Dakota State University examining tree worker performance and safety, and other arboriculture topics. His course offerings include arboriculture, rock climbing, and emergency medical response, and he serves as the campus arborist. Prior to SDSU he managed tree care companies in the East and Midwest.


7:30 am Registration
8:00 am Welcome and Introductions
8:15 am The New Z Standards and Why Following Them Can Keep You Safe!
The Z standard has been revised and the new 2017 guide is coming out this fall. We will cover some of the key changes to the Z and why following them can keep you safe.
9:15 am Felling: Five Steps to Removing a Tree
Felling has become the top fatal incident for tree workers. We will go over the key steps for removal from the all-important job-briefing to bucking up the fallen tree.
10:15 am Break
10:30 am Working Safely Aloft
Most of us either climb or “fly” an aerial lift, many of us do both. Despite both being common practices, we are seeing an increase in injuries with stationary rope systems (SRS) and more boom failures. This will cover how to select and use the tie-in point for climbing and working in a tree, and the all-important daily inspection for aerial lifts.
11:30 am Lunch (Provided)
12:30 pm Chipper and Chainsaw Safety
Chippers and chain saws are critical to our work but anything that can cut and plane wood can lacerate flesh. We will cover the proper methods of chipper operation and saw handling both on the ground and in the air.
1:30 pm Working Around Electrical Conductors: The New Approach
Are you a line clearance arborist or an incidental line clearance arborist? There is a difference in what you do and the regulations for working within an electrical hazard. This session will cover both.
2:30 pm Emergency Response and Aerial Rescue
Unfortunately, incidents are a common part of tree work and all crew members need to know the basics of first aid and aerial rescue. This session will cover the new first aid procedures for common trauma incidents in tree work.
3:45 pm CEU Sign Out
*Please allow up to 6 weeks for processing of CEUs

Early Registration (Before 7/7/17):

$105.00 - WCISA Member
$130.00 - Non-WCISA Member

Regular Registration (On or after 7/8/17):

$145.00 - WCISA Member
$1750.00 - Non-WCISA Member


6.25 - CA / CTW / MS
4.0 - US
6.25 - BCMA-P


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